Purifan Replacement Filters

Smart Living Products USA has available for purchase five (5) different types of Purifan replacement filters:

  • The Economy Filter (PAF-ECN)
  • The Purifan Standard Filter (PAF-STD)
  • The Purifan HEPA Filter (PAF-HEP)
  • The Purifan Double Carbon Filter (PAF-DOC)
  • The Purifan Potassium Permanganate (PAF-POT)

These Purifan replacement filters are extremely powerful, and are capable of removing up to 99.7% of smoke, bacteria, pollen, pet odors, dust, indoor air pollution and particulate matter as small as 0.03 micrometers in diameter. They are also:

  • Proudly Made in the United States of America.
  • Built Using the Highest Quality Materials to Ensure Top Performance.
  • Repeatedly Ordered by Hundreds of Legions, Lodges and Bars; Not 1 Complaint or Return.

Indoor air pollution has finally met its match!.Unlike many filtering systems, the Purifan lets you adapt to any indoor environment by simply changing the type of filter. Purifan Replacement filters help remove: Dust & Dust Mites

  • Mold Spores
  • Smoke & Kitchen Odors
  • Allergens & Pet Dander
  • Germs, Bacteria & Harmful Microfibers

Purifan ceiling fan air purifiers have been used for many years. As a result they are efficient, economical and easy to use. Purifan ceiling fan air purifiers are great for home use, offices, restaurants, bars, lodges and cigar lounges.  We offer many types of quality filters to choose from.  In addition to smoke and odor eaters and HEPA filters for allergy sufferers, we offer ten different types of filters. Each individual filter has a specific use. We take indoor air quality serious, therefore we want Purifan customers to have access to the highest quality filters available. If we don’t have the filter you are needing, we will build it for you.

10 / 10
I have purchased Purifan filters from a number of sources and the customer service and quality of the product are by far the best I have encountered. I highly recommend Smart Living Products USA to anyone who needs quality long-lasting replacement filters for their Purifan.

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