Propur Accessories

ProPur Accessories

ProPur Accessories

ProPur accessories are universal for their purification systems. These accessories include stands, spigots, and entire kits for your ProPur system.

Here are the ProPur accessories we carry in our inventory.


New Propur™ portable gravity water purification systems are economical, convenient and easy to use – Requires no electricity and provides reliable water purification anywhere whether at home, office, vacation, camping or college dorms! Each container is made from one piece of high quality polished stainless steel for lasting durability and attractive appearance. Propur™ water purification systems come complete with 1 or 2 – ProBlack-D™ water filter elements, depending on the system, solid stainless steel metal spigot and new non-slip pad – NO ring! Options include ProBlack+™Advanced Fluoride Filters, new ProOne™G2.0 “All-in-One” filters, Propur™ sight glass spigot, stainless steel stand and optional finishes including brushed and DECO laser etched…